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The high-resolution digital images are then printed on Eleganceā„¢ Velvet

PlatinumEdition is 310g 100% Cotton Rag, Acid-Free Paper, which gives a wonderful

painterly feel, outstanding colour quality and longevity.The prints are offered as 56cm

x 56cm(22 x 22") on 61cm x 61cm (24 x 24") paper, limited to 50 editions, and 28cm x

28cm on30cm x 30cm paper, limited to 100 editions. All prints are signed, titled and

numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

There are several ways you can buy my work -

COMING SOON! Links can be found next to the individual images on the ARTWORK

page of this website.

Catch up with my at the various events I am taking place in, see the ACTIVITY page for

more details.

Pop into the Ashdown Gallery in Forest Row, Sussex, where there is a large selection

of my work on display.

Drop me an EMAIL, DM me on INSTAGRAM or call me.