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Mark was born in Yorkshire in 1968. He studied photography at Wolverhampton Poly

before moving to London in 1991, where he worked as a photographer. Since then Mark

has worked as a digital illustrator for book publishers & magazines, a digital retoucher

for several national newspapers, a children’s illustrator working in 3D and most

recently as the Creative Director for an American toy company.

Mark moved to Sussex in 2001 and it was there that he began to explore the local

countryside, and particularly the Ashdown Forest, with his dogs and his camera. It is

from this ever-expanding collection of images that he draws inspiration for his work.

These photographs are digitally merged with other photographs, paintings, drawings,

textures, and found objects to create the final artwork. Some of the pieces are more

literal interpretations of the places he has photographed, while others are more

conceptual or graphic in their approach, but all seek to evoke the beauty, drama, and

atmosphere of the landscapes around him.

The names of the pieces often designates the GPS location where the original

photograph was taken and can be visited or found on Google Maps.

Artworks are available as Giclee Fine Art prints in various sizes.

Mark lives and works in the Sussex Weald with his wonderful family and their two crazy

Scottish Terriers (Fergus and Rufus)

Call in to say hello at his next show or catch up with Mark and the Scotties somewhere

in the Sussex Countryside at dawn every morning.




+44 (0) 1825 765216